Assetto Corsa – Okayama 2020 2.0 (hotfix) Track

Assetto Corsa – Okayama 2020 2.0 (hotfix) Track

Assetto Corsa – Tajo Hill Climb Track
Assetto Corsa – Okayama International circuit 1.0
Assetto Corsa – Joux Plane Track

Assetto Corsa – Okayama 2020 2.0 (hotfix) Track

Bu güncellemeyi kullanmak için önce Okayama International circuit 1.0 track modunu yüklemeniz gerekir.
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  • Toyota branding updated to Gazoo Racing
  • New Bridgestone branding added
  • Lexus gantry updated with current tagline
  • Fixed scaling and incomplete logo on Autobacs gantry
  • All new scratch made pit billboards
  • All new scratch made building textures
  • All new tarmac texture


  • Both Lexus, Autobacs, and Yokohama-ADVAN gantries color corrected
  • Replaced most low quality building textures.
  • Fixed Incorrect materials used on the two bridges.
  • Remedied the warping of Dunlop logo on the bridge.
  • Cleaned up all of the unnecessary normal maps.
  • Track side details now higher quality and accurate to real life.
  • Yokohama box is slightly less distorted.
  • ZOIL Banners now have proper texture
  • Corrected fonts on Marshall towers/stands
  • Marshalls now have the correct uniform
  • Pit concrete texture fixed
  • Better lake water texture
  • Proper font on DRS sign.
  • Guardrail texture color corrected
  • Grandstand seating color corrected and retextured.
  • Concrete wall retextured.
  • Tire walls and foam barriers retextured

Author: Mitja Bonca

Download Mod (51.3 MB) (ZIP)


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