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Legal Warning

Within the framework of the conditions you accept on this site; sexuality is absolutely false, misleading, illegal organization, crusher, violate personal privacy rights, international law and the Law of the Republic of Turkey \ 's not send messages with content standards. In addition, copyrighted files and so on. materials. Spam, flood, advertising, chain letters, group marketing and harassment are strictly prohibited.

You should know that it is impossible for the owner or administrators of this site to check and verify the validity of the submitted content. Please note that; we are unable to view every discarded message immediately, and the content of the messages is not our responsibility. We cannot guarantee that any shared / given information is useful or complementary. Sent messages only indicate the views of the author; not the opinions of the site, site team, partners, or site owner. If you feel that a sent message is objectionable, notify a manager or moderator immediately. The site owners and the site team have the right to make a decision within a reasonable time frame for the removal of content that is considered objectionable. Please note that this may not be possible for immediate removal or partial editing of messages, as this is a completely manual process. It applies also for the profile information of the member.

Your will be held responsible for the messages you have written. In addition, you agree not to damage or protect this site, other site-linked websites, the site team and partners. Owners of this site reserve the right to disclose your identity (in addition to any other information collected about you when using this service) if it receives a formal complaint or legal action requires it due to the circumstances of your use of the site.

You are given the freedom to choose a user name during registration. We recommend that your name be unique to you and ethically appropriate. You agree not to give the password of your user account that you are about to register to anyone with the exception of an administrator for security and verification purposes when necessary. However, you also agree not to use another user's account. For your account's security, we recommend using complex and unique passwords.

After registering and logging in with your password, you will be able to enter your details. It is your responsibility to provide accurate and consistent information. If site administrators detect inconsistency or an unethical situation in the information you provide, they may edit your information to correct them with or without warning. In this case, some sanctions may apply.

You should know that your IP address is recorded with every message you send. This information can be used if you need to be blocked from accessing the site or to contact your Internet connection provider (ISP). This can happen if you violate an important part of this agreement.

Note: The site software saves a text document called a cookie in your browser's cache, which contains small information about you, such as your user name and password. This information is used ONLY for access to and from the site. The software does not receive data from your computer in any format other than that information, and does not send data to your computer.

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